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At Tropical Agro, we believe exceptional work begins with hiring, celebrating, and nurturing the best people. We work on the tenets of;

Our people are our greatest asset, and we have invested in them for the long-term by supporting them to imagine and build the meaningful careers they aspire to. Tropical Agro provides a platform to sharpen one’s own emotional and cognitive quotient. Our diverse business verticals & products, locations, infrastructure, and people add a foundation to this. Employees here are provided with ample opportunities and tools to continuously develop and upgrade/re-invent their skills and careers so that they can remain at the cutting edge of innovation.

We, at Tropical Agro foster an inclusive culture and we believe this helps us maintain a positive atmosphere. Every individual is given equal respect irrespective of his/her background. Values of trust, mutual respect and dialogue are of utmost importance to us. We believe that an open-door policy motivates employees to align with the organization’s values and work ethics. Tropical Agro hosts the best-in-class collaborative platform called Vibe’ wherein employees can share their achievements, and challenges and join forces with each other.

At Tropical Agro, we promote work-life balance. Our work ecosystem maximizes happiness. The vibrant work atmosphere creates an optimum balance of work and personal pursuits. An ‘8 hours of honest work policy’ helps our employees to put in their complete focus on work and then spend the rest of their time and weekends on their personal work. In addition, we blend work with fun, entertainment, meditation, and learning to foster employee bonding. We regularly celebrate birthdays, individual accomplishments, and festivals as well as have dedicated fun days, annual get-togethers, etc. Our Heartfulness Meditation is another initiative to help employees live stress-free lives.

Tropical Agro nurtures a mentality that demands an attitude of being quick and agile in terms of response time, attention to detail, and operational excellence. We are a performance-driven organization. We evaluate employee performance objectively and reward it suitably. Appraisal reviews are positive exchanges that provide employees with constructive feedback for performance improvement. We celebrate employees’ success by recognizing them in various internal events and forums.

Tropical Agro builds a culture that integrates sustainability into everyday decisions right from, the strategy level to the daily operational activities. Sustainability is a key focus in everything the organization does and stands for. People practices promote sustainability concepts and offer employees the means to align personal and organizational values.

We believe our above efforts will inspire a high level of engagement among employees and work towards building a healthy & safe work ecosystem.


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