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The industrial growth for over a century has been immense. Unfortunately, it has left a debilitating impact on the environment. Compounding this is the challenge of increasing unemployment, food safety, food security, poverty, resource constraints, and so on.

Understanding the need of the hour, we at Tropical Agro have strived to ensure a just and green transition. We have adopted sustainability into our business strategy and championed the cause by addressing the ongoing challenges through our concerted efforts. Our strategy includes-

Leading with the largest Bio-Dynamic product Range

Our respect for the ecology, culture, and traditions of India’s proven farming methods has prompted us to launch several practical farming solutions in the form of bio-dynamic farming solutions to impact the positive quality of life. Currently, we have the largest range of bio-dynamic farming solutions in India. 

Integrated the product stewardship culture into our business ​

A strong product stewardship culture has been integrated into our business strategy to minimize negative impacts and maximize value responsibly. The product stewardship responsibilities are considered team effort and driven throughout the entire product lifecycle from the product’s research and development to covering production, marketing, customer usage, and subsequent disposal.

Key aspects considered to minimize the environmental impact & address the needs of the agricultural value chain include: 

Development of products in compliance with safety guidelines of the applicable regulations v.i.z. the Insecticide Act, Fertilizer Control Order, and so on.

Safe use of pesticides by taking precautions to use the correct dosage.

Contributing towards food security & prevent environmental degradation by producing products that are safe, residue-free & reduce the toxic load in farming.

Promoting effective & safe handling of our products through training, education, farmer meetings, and product literature.

Ensuring resource efficiency while developing new products through research interventions. Key approaches like – the ‘customized balanced nutrient’ approach to improving the efficiency of nutrients; the ‘integrated pest management’ approach to encourage a combination of biological and chemical inputs for effective control of pests and to reduce the toxic load in farming; and the ‘carbon footprint reduction’ approach to convert the farmers’ biodegradable waste as a soil nutrient are being adapted while developing the products.

Promoting co-prosperity by creating sustainable livelihood for farmers

Accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth is our priority as we believe in succeeding together. For this, we have set newer benchmarks for ourselves so that the farmer thrives. Our end-to-end range of biological products (from seed treatment to post-harvest) is designed to be user-friendly, economically viable, and resource efficient. The products are developed post the assessment carried out by our agronomic experts. 

Challenges such as – strengthening farmers’ resilience to climate change, improving the quality & yield of the harvest, improving soil health, plant nutrient uptake, and pest/ disease management efficiency are prime considerations of our proven product strategy.

Our aim is to build the most sustainable brand in the crop protection & plant nutrition industry. For this, we will continue to take a series of initiatives like forging technical collaborations, conducting demonstrations on controlled plots, educating farmers, running motivational campaigns, and imparting knowledge on new-age technology. We believe these efforts will optimize product quality and yield as well as aid in contributing towards food security to build a strong and healthy nation.

Safety & sustainable Infrastructure initiatives 

We believe in maintaining high ethical standards and conducting business in a safe & transparent manner. Our factories are well equipped and follow the Good Manufacturing protocols as laid down by the regulatory agencies & government bodies including CIB, BIS, FAO, CIPAC, and Fertilizer Control Order 1985.

Initiatives include :

  • Deployment of Smoke detectors, sprinklers, eye-washer, fire hydrant systems, and fire alarm control panels at factories.
    Medical room at every factory.
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the production staff and lab.
  • Wastewater treatment is undertaken through Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Sikandrabad factory.
  • Harnessing renewable energy to power the office set-up at Sikandrabad through the Solar Powered Rooftop Panels.

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