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NPK Consortium

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Powder, granule & liquid

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Ceedrich is a unique consortium of NPK bio-inoculants such as rhizobium, acetobacter, phosphobacteria, and potash solubilizing bio-fertilizer. This microbial blend synthesizes macro-nutrients – atmospheric nitrogen, solubilizes phosphorous, and mobilizes potassium into an easily absorbable form, thereby enhancing nutrition to crops. The individual inoculants used in the consortia have their specific roles to play, namely – The Azotobacter chroococcum bacteria present in Ceedrich fix molecular nitrogen from the atmosphere and releases it in the form of ammonium ions into the soil & make it available to the plants. Bacillus megaterium grows in the rhizosphere and secrete organic acids, which dissolve unavailable phosphate into a soluble form and make it available to the plants. This PSB strain enables the plants to endure drought. Frateuria aurantia produces organic acids and enzymes that help solubilize the fixed potassium into exchangeable form and make it assumable by plants. In total, the application of Ceedrich will improve the beneficial soil microflora population, overall soil health, and quality as well as it will reduce the requirement of recommended chemical NPK fertilizers by 20 – 25%. This product formulation is highly concentrated & has a heavy load of spores. Highly recommended for seed treatment and enhanced, consistent shelf life.


General Crops.


Time of Application

Seed treatment


10 gm for seeds required for 1 acre.

Application Method

For seed treatment, mix the required quantity of Biosticker (provided along with the product) in the required quantity of water. Finally, add 10 gm of Ceedrich and thoroughly mix. Slowly pour this solution and thoroughly mix it with the seeds required for one acre. The treated seeds are shade dried for 15 – 30 minutes and are ready for sowing. Application through drip irrigation system: 100 gm/acre.


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