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Active Ingredient:

Organic waste decomposing cultures

Product form:

Wettable product

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Propel is a digester which contains unique mixture of composting microbes for activating the composting process, comprising of microbial enzymes, cellulose, starch, phenol and lignin digesting microbes to degrade the farm residues. It can be used for preparation of compost from a variety of agricultural waste, domestic waste, municipal solid waste, vegetable and garden waste, leaf waste and wood clippings. This product is eco-friendly and safe and effective in digesting and composting any biodegradable wastes. This product preserves bio-diversity and improves the soil structure.


General crops


Propel is also recommended to composting the stubbles from the previous harvested crops like rice, wheat, etc.

Time of Application

To decompose the stubble from the previously harvested crops.


1 Kg of Propel is mixed with 20 Liter of 1 Kg jaggery solution. The container is closed tightly and kept for 2 days. 5L of the mixture per ton of the solid waste. 5L can be diluted with 200L water and applied uniformly to 1MT of Solid waste.

Application Method

Application of Propel is to be made at 2 stages. First spray at the time of dumping and the second, after 15 days. Step1: Make a heap of organic waste at 3 feet height and 3 feet breadth and convenient length depending upon the availability of the material. Step 2: Spray the above prepared mixture solution uniformly. Step 3: Organic heap should be moistured and mixed well once in a week or 15 days. The moisture in the heap should be maintained throughout the composting process.


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